2022 Fire Tower Wrap-up

This email was also sent to participants of the Fire Tower Trail Races. Photo credit: Lisa Brecht

Hello racers!

The first week after a race always stretches long, in contrast to the week before. Our evenings full of packing and fretting and panic-shopping give way to a week of unpacking and sorting, with no deadline looming over us. With our living room finally back in order, we’re relieved and grateful to sit down and write this email of thanks.

Six days ago, you all did something awesome – and we do mean “all,” because out of 111 folks who stepped up to the line last Saturday, every single one of you finished.

It still feels a little unreal to say it. Out of more than a hundred people, there were zero drops. In the dozens of ultras that we’ve been a part of, we’ve never seen this happen. It’s a testament to your training and determination, and we’re so proud to have been able to witness it!

Some logistical bits: Race day photos are still trickling in from our volunteer photographers. They’ll be listed on our website as they become available. We’ll also post an update to our social media channels once everything has been posted!

Results are live on UltraSignup, and our 100K Fire Tower Overachievers have been added to our website. (Climbing the tower at mile 40? Whew. If we made a mistake recording your status, please let us know!)

The leftover food and snacks are being given new life, in the form of donations to the local food shelf and to other upcoming races (check out our friends at The Storm Trail Race Series in southeastern Minnesota). Being cupless meant that we had astonishingly little trash; we could probably have fit all the garbage from the whole race into just a few bags! Keeping our footprint low and recycling or donating whatever we can are big priorities for us, and we’ll continue to look for more ways to improve.

We’d love to share YOUR stories on our website, so if you have photos from the course or race reports you’d like to share, please let us know. 

So with all of that said, there’s nothing left to say but thank you. Thank you a million times over for choosing our race, for trusting us to play host to your goals and dreams. It means so much that you decided to share your day with us. Forever and ever, thank you.

Gratefully yours,

Jamison and Lisa

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