Fire Tower Overachievers!

Every participant in 50K and 100K distance must climb the Fire Tower stairs (or vertigo option) as a part of their first loop. However, the 100K participants can opt-out of this challenge on their second loop… OR… they can take the challenge a second time and become of of our Fire Tower Overachievers!

2022 Overachievers (still being confirmed)

  • Scott Forster
  • James Henkelman
  • Andy Klanderman
  • Paul Mackie
  • Austin Manson
  • Jeremiah Manwarren
  • Tom Pechman
  • Tyler Rowlan
  • Ryan Sargent
  • Steven Sjolund
  • Brian Van Beusekom
  • Joseph Vandermause

2021 Overachievers

  • Danni Alli
  • Dave Bon
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