Race Rules

Events like this can only take place if participants respect and obey the rules. It is important to understand that we are guests of St. Croix State Park, and all participants should behave accordingly as guests. If this race is to continue, everyone must follow these guidelines.

The Golden Rules

We believe that the endurance sports communities must be places free from discrimination and other behaviors that cause deliberate harm. We believe in creating a community that cares deeply for the welfare and well-being of each and every participant, spectator, and beyond. We believe that a community that cares for each other must also, by extension, care for the land they traverse.

That’s why we’ve created some policies to help guide us as we seek to foster these values.

  • Racism and homophobia have no home here. We have a zero-tolerance policy for racist or homophobic behaviors and language, and participants exercising these will be disqualified and banned from future events. Spectators exercising these will be asked to leave, and failing a satisfactory resolution, their racer may face consequences.
  • Transphobia and transphobic language or behavior are unacceptable. Transgender athletes are welcome at all our events, period. Rule 1 applies.
  • Intentional littering or desecration of the land upon which these races are held will result in time penalties, disqualification, or banning from future events.
  • Volunteers and race staff are to be held to these same standards.

Fire Tower Rules

  • Respect all park property. No pets are allowed in park buildings.
  • Do not litter! This includes human waste.
  • You will likely see bears. Bears at this park are historically disinterested in people. Leave them be. Do not approach or feed!
  • No crewing outside of aid stations. This means that your crew cannot drive and help you at random spots along the course.
  • You MUST check in at every aid station. NO exceptions
  • 100K/50K: You must climb the fire tower on your first loop (or vertigo option). Climbing the tower on the second loop of the 100K is optional.
  • Do not tamper with course markings.
  • In the event of muddy conditions do not go off course to avoid water, go through it. Don’t widen the trail!

All rule infractions will result in time penalties and possible disqualification. Flagrant disregard of rules will result in being banned from the race in the future.

The race directors are the final arbiters and decision-makers around all rules.

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