All courses are run on a mix of single track, horse trail, and gravel road. The 100K distance will run the 50K loop twice.

Fire Tower

Every 100K/50K runner will be expected to climb the fire tower (or vertigo option) on their first loop. 100K participants can optionally climb the fire tower (or vertigo option) on their second loop to be officially recognized as a “Fire Tower Overachiever

Vertigo Option: All participants have the option of using our vertigo option stairs instead of climbing the tower. You simply climb the first flight of stairs 8 times in a row to simulate getting to the top.

Please be respectful of other participants and other park visitors and do not crowd the fire tower. If you need to pause and let park visitors get past you, give them the right of way.

Aid Stations (100K/50K)

Aid StationTotal
Distance to
Next AS
Drop Bags /
Start / Finish03.5
Gate 313.55.5Drop bags
Fire Tower96Drop bags
Overlook155.1Drop bags, Crew (100K ONLY)
Overlook20.17.5Drop bags, Crew (100K ONLY)
Gate 3127.63.4Drop bags
Start / Finish (50K Finish)313.5Drop bags, Crew (100K ONLY), Pacers (100K ONLY)2:30pm for 100K starting 2nd loop
Gate 3134.55.5Drop bags
Fire Tower406Drop bags 5:15pm
Overlook465.1Drop bags, Crew (100K ONLY), Pacers (100K ONLY) 7:30pm
Overlook51.17.5Drop bags, Crew (100K ONLY)8:40pm
Gate 3158.63.4Drop bags 11:00pm
Start / Finish62All racers must finish by 11:59pm

Pacers and Crew

Due to limited parking and access, crew is only allowed for 100K participants and only at the Overlook Aid station and Start/Finish. Crew may not go to Gate 31 or Fire Tower. If your crew would like to visit the Fire Tower as a park visitor they are certainly welcome, but they cannot crew you at this station.

Pacers are only allowed for the 100K after you have completed your first 50K loop. You can pick up a pacer at Start/Finish or at the Overlook Aid station. You may swap pacers at the Overlook Aid station either time you’re passing through the station.

Course Maps

100K and 50K loop

(click for larger version)
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