2021 Spring Update!

We’re excited to announce that registration will be opening on May 15th, 2021. We are confident we’ll be able to hold an event in the second part of the year, and look forward to welcoming everyone to St. Croix State Park for an incredibly fun weekend. As always, the usual disclaimers apply that something could happen between now and then, but we’re feeling very confident. We will be limiting registrations to 200 participants across all distances to start, and if we’re cleared for more we’ll increase that number as time goes on.

Secondly, we want to update you on some course/distance changes. Even though we only had a virtual event last year, we got some good feedback from people who ran at the park. Therefore we’re announcing the following updates to our distances:

  • 100K & 50K – No course changes. There will be one Fire Tower climb (or vertigo option) per 50K loop.
  • 35K – We are changing the 25K to a 35K in order to provide a more scenic course with less gravel roads. The new course will take you along the Bear Creek and Settler’s Trail through some truly beautiful lowlands. The course is mostly flat with less than 1000ft of change. There will be 3 aid stations along the route.
  • 11K – The 12.5K has been redesigned as a 11K and will run to the first aid station, turn around and return. You’ll get to run along the historic blowdown area before entering some light woods on the way to the turnaround.

The course page is being updated with maps of each route, however, just like last year, some of the trails (specifically Bear Creek and Settler’s) will not be mowed and passable until race weekend.

As in our original plan, we will be offering free tent-only camping at the Trail Center (aka Start/Finish). If you wish to bring a trailer we encourage you to book a regular campsite. The calendar will be filling up fast so make sure you reserve quickly. You are also welcome to sleep in your vehicle in the parking lot of the trail center, however you cannot take up more than one parking space.

Swag for this year will once again be a beanie and buff, and our finisher awards will be a patch. These will all look similar to last year, but we’ll post any updated pictures as we get closer.

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