2021 Drop Bag/Crew/Pacer update!

Greetings Fire Tower folks!

Wanted to share a quick update with you about drop bags, crew, and pacers. However, before we do, we need to be clear that the changing pandemic conditions could alter these plans. Take everything we say here as tentative (yet hopeful). 

This message is for our 50K and 100K participants, as those are the only two distances that will be allowed drop bags, crew, and pacers at any aid station.

For folks doing the 50K or 100K

You will be allowed drop bags at any of the aid stations. Please keep bags at a reasonable size, and pack them with the expectation that they will be tossed around and sitting on the ground (and possibly wet if it rains). They will be returned to Start/Finish by the end of the evening. We will try and get 50K bags back earlier if feasible.

For our 100K participants

You will be allowed crew at Start/Finish and Overlook aid stations ONLY. If your crew meets you outside of these areas you will be DQ’d. Please advice your crew to use caution when driving to the Overlook aid station because there will be runners on the road throughout the day. 

Our 100K participants will also be allowed a pacer for their second 50K loop or from the Overlook aid station on your second loop. No pacers are allowed on the first loop. Please make sure your pacer is capable of going the distance you’re asking them to as we will not be able to provide transportation outside of an emergency. 

We’re so excited that you’re all joining us this fall. We have plenty of room left over if you have friends that would like to join you! We also are in need of volunteers both on race day, and the day before. 

Registration: https://firetowertrailraces.com/registration/
Volunteer signup: https://firetowertrailraces.com/volunteering/

See you in September!

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